General Enquiries

How do I obtain a Proof of Delivery?

Simply call us with your con note number ready and we will send you a copy straight to your email.

Alternatively, simply email  with the con note number and we will reply with a copy.

How do I find out about pricing and rates?

Simply call our office and ask for a copy of our rates.

I received an “Attempted Delivery” slip, what do I do? 

Call the office and we will help you out from there. If you would like your item redelivered the next business day please call us before 8 am the morning after receiving the slip. 

Can my freight be left at my address when I am not home?

Yes, provided we have an “Authority to Leave” form signed by you, we can leave the freight wherever you direct us to on the form.

Do you carry furniture, cars or boats?

Generally as a rule we don't however if you give us a call,  we can discuss your particular requirements.

Do you send freight internationally?

No, we don’t have the ability to send freight internationally at this stage, only interstate. 

On the back of my "Attempted Delivery" slip, there is an "Authority to Leave" form, what is this?

An authority to leave gives us permission to leave freight at your address without a signature, permanently. If you lost this slip or would like to fill one out for future freight, you can download a form below.

Feel free to phone us or submit our online form:

Toowoomba Depot: 07 4630 1733

Gatton Depot: 07 5462 1590