Booking Enquiries

Do I require an account to book in freight?

Not at all. We take all major credit cards and can email you a copy of the receipt and invoice straight away.

How do I book in a job?

It's easy! Just contact us and have the following information ready:

  • Pickup Address
  • Pickup Contact & Phone
  • Receiver Address
  • Receiver Contact & Phone
  • Freight Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Account Name/Credit Card Details

Do you have cut off times for same day deliveries?

Yes, please always let our staff know if your freight is to be express and ask about our cut off times for these deliveries.

Do I need to label my freight before sending it?

Yes, all freight items needs to have a label CLEARLY stating the receiver name and address and the sender’s name. 

Feel free to phone us or submit our online form:

Toowoomba Depot: 07 4630 1733

Gatton Depot: 07 54621590